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The name's Colorkiller and you can just call me Ko everyone else does. I'm 24. If you're lost I'm a girl. I'm a denizen of tda, suppa ninja in disguise and chronic profile peeper! I'm like Superman's Lois Lane with spelling so watch out. a near life long anime, manga, gamer and Asian drama fan. I'm generally reading or sleeping (like the sloth i suddenly am) so feel free to poke me from time to time if you need me! I've been doing iconage for who knows how long, I really never kept track.


I generally icon my fandoms which range and crossover into a lot of things. Bleach, Doctor Who, Torchwood, stock photos, Harry Potter, j-rock, j-pop, j-drama's, anime, etc'. I've loads. I write and draw, but those have taken a backseat recently...unless you count fanfiction, which I write for DW and HP.

Doctor Who & Robert Pattinson are my major fandoms right now.


I take requests from time to time, but there is no formal post for it and I've plans to leave it like that. I normally only take requests for icons and I prefer to go digging through your interests and icon what we have in common.

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